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Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis Treatment In Kota, Rajasthan

Sinusitis Treatment

The face has four sinuses around the nasal cavity. These are most of the times hollow and filled with air. Sinusitis develops when even one of these nasal cavities are inflamed or have been exposed to some sort of infection. There are various factors that can cause the blocking of the opening of these sinuses, like fungus, bacteria, virus, and allergies of any sort and even excessive blowing of the nose for that matter. There are four stages of sinusitis depending on the severity of the condition. There is

  1. Acute sinusitis that lasts for four weeks or lesser;
  2. Subacute sinusitis that lasts for four to eight weeks;
  3. Chronic sinusitis that lasts for more than 8 weeks; and
  4. Recurring sinusitis that recurs multiple times during the year.

Sinusitis is known to can a lot of discomfort to any individual, like firstly medium to severe pain in the sinuses, loss of smell along with stuffiness, headaches and at times coughs, which also bring along bad breath, fever, and toothaches.

Homeopathy as alternative medicine, through the use of plants and minerals, are known to work as therapies that help boost the body’s immune system or natural defenses through the process of stimulating the signs of the disease the person is suffering from. 


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