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Why Homoeopathic Medicines Are Still Popular

In the 1800s, a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann developed a system of natural remedies and named it Homoeopathy. He selected this name because he used the principle of "Similia Similibus Curentur" meaning "like cures like".

His research showed that when a substance creates negative impact on a person's health, the same substance can be used to cure the person from that negative effect if administered in controlled dosage. It is similar to a situation when a diamond is used to cut bigger diamonds. This healing method treats every case as a unique situation and does not generalize. If two people are suffering from headache, then it may not be due to the same reason. One may be suffering from Sinusitis and the other may be sleep deprived. Homoeopathic medicines treat each illness on a long term basis.

Due to its unique approach and benefits, homoeopathy has become quite popular. More and more people are opting for homoeopathic medicines as these medicines do not have any negative side effects as they are made of non-toxic elements. While allopathic treatment uses antibiotics, heavy drugs and surgery to cure patients, homoeopathy uses small doses of remedial tonics. In case if the diagnosis goes wrong, the homoeopathic medicines do not affect the patient's body negatively as opposed to allopathic medicines. Due to its no-negative effect, these medicines can be used on infants, children and pregnant ladies as well. You can take these medicines while you are on a different medicine course for some other illness. These medicines do not affect the function of other medicines and remain undeterred themselves.

You can also take a basic homoeopathic course to improve your general health and avoid minor infections like cold, headache, body ache and age related issues. The homoeopathic medicines in these courses are not generic though. If you consult a homoeopathic doctor, he/she will first understand your constitution, and then prescribe medicines to you. So basically these courses are tailor made for each individual. Some people state that when they start taking homoeopathic medicines, their illness symptoms tend to increase. For example, if somebody is suffering from joint pain, then within two days of starting a homoeopathic course, the pain seems to increase. This is true but it is only an indication that the medication is working to cure.

Homoeopathic medicines treat an illness at the roots. The agents that are causing disharmony in the body are re-introduced in controlled amounts so that they repel each other like the same poles of magnets do. This brings about harmony in the body and cures the illness. Unlike allopathic treatment that believes in putting a lid on the problem with the help of surgery and laser treatment, this medication procedure believes in completely curing the disease. Homoeopathy does not believe the ban-aid method of treatment as this leaves the opportunity of the recurrence of the illness or disease.

Homoeopathic Treatment  How it Can Help Your Health

Homoeopathic treatment works by improving your immune system. It is only your immune system which can actually cure you of any disease or symptom. The method of the health treatment merely facilitates this.

Some health treatments lower your immune system, others raise them. Some health treatments are focussed on the pathogen which is the effect of an unhealthy immune system. And in killing off these pathogens, whether or not they should be there. Other treatments are focussed on the cause of the problem.

To me, it seems to be sensible to deal with the cause of the health problem, rather than the effect. To deal with raising the immune system rather than by killing off pathogens, which lowers the immunity.

And homoeopathic treatment does just that. It searches for the cause, then by the selection of the closest match of medicine to your symptom picture, it raises your immune system. Fast.

A healthy immune system can be compromised in a variety of ways. Blockages can hamper its efficient work.

Emotional blockages are common. These are created when you don't work through an emotional upheaval in a natural way. When you swallow the hurt or the grief and smile and get on with life. You may think you do, but your body thinks differently. And you will notice that you will have continuing opportunities to deal with the suppressed problems, by recurring incidences.

Physical blockages can be created by many things. Common ones include accidents, by drugs, by vaccines.

Let me give you some examples of how homoeopathic treatment cleared blockages, allowing the return of an efficient immune system.

A girl fell off her pony and broke her arm. This was set and healed well. However, she remained fearful of riding again. One year later, she was diagnosed with appendicitis. This time she received homoeopathic treatment. This involved looking at the blockage that prevented her immune system from dealing with the appendicitis.

The riding accident.

The blockage was cleared with an accident medicine, her appendicitis symptoms disappeared and she suddenly regained her confidence in riding again.

A women lost her aging mother. In dealing with her estate, she had little time to grieve. This was further compounded by antibiotic treatment for a urinary tract infection. The grief became prolonged with constant outbursts of weeping. The appropriate medicine to remove the blockage caused by the antibiotics allowed the return of the grieving, which was then able to run its natural and cleansing course.

A woman will low energy didn't experience an energy boost until the tetanus injection she had had over 40 years earlier was dealt with.

Homoeopathic treatment is deep, profound and can be life changing. It is also so gentle, you may not notice how much better you feel until it is pointed out to you by an observer.

Homoeopathic Approach Towards Infertility

In order for a woman to have a baby, an egg must go from a woman's ovary and pass through the fallopian tube towards the uterus. The man's sperm must come in contact with the egg along the way, and the fertilized egg must attach to the inside of the uterus. The problems that arise in any of these steps in either a woman or a man would be considered Infertility.

Causes of Infertility

1. A low sperm count or abnormally shaped sperm in men.

2. Blocked fallopian tubes or endometriosis.

3. Overuse of contraceptive pills.

4. Being underweight or overweight.

5. Too much exercising.

6. Irregular menstruation

7. Smoking and drinking alcohol.

8. Exposing the genitals to high temperatures from a sauna or hot tub.

9. Premature ejaculation in males.

10. Blocked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids or endometriosis.

A Homoeopathic Approach Towards Infertility can increase your chance of conception. Homeopathic treatment of infertility addresses the emotional and physical imbalances in a person. Homeopathy treats infertility by making the reproductive organs stronger in both men and women., by regulating menstruation, hormonal balance, and ovulation in women. Also by raising the blood flow into the pelvic region, by mounting the thickness of the uterine lining and preventing the uterus from contracting lowering the chance for a miscarriage.

Another Homoeopathic Approach Towards Infertility is to increase the quantity and quality of sperm count in men. It can also be a good idea to reduce anxiety so the implantation of the embryo can take place in a good environment. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that assists the body's own healing process.

Preventive Measures

1. Eat a healthy diet and keep track of your weight.

2. Men should not wear tight underwear or jeans because this reduces the number of healthy sperm.

3. Be sure to practice safe sex so you won't contract sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Avoid using hot tubs or saunas.

5. You should avoid straddling your male partner while making love. The best positions are the ones where the sperm is not likely to leak out. When you place a pillow under your hips during love making will allow your cervix to rest in the semen allowing more time for the sperm to travel to the cervix.

6. You can estimate your fertile period by tracking your ovulation at home. Ovulation normally occurs 14 days before the next menstrual period begins. Usually a few days before ovulation is the most fertile period for a woman. It is a good idea to have sex with your partner everyday, including your ovulation day. The Homoeopathic Approach Towards Infertility could be the best chance for you to have a baby.