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Founded by Dr. Uday Mani Kaushik, the clinic has earned noticeable popularity across the globe. We are here to listen to your problem and prescribe the best treatment needed to lead a life easier.

For nearly two and a half years, Service on the post of PSYCHOLOGIST AND MEDICAL OFFICER at DRUG DE ADDICTION CENTRE, JAIPUR Ministry of Welfare, Government of India,

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Utkarsh Homoeopathic Clinic & Research Centre - Internationally renowned Institution for Classical Homeopathy

Skin Disease

Skin is the most important part of our bodies and also the part of the body that is most visible. Everyone desires to have healthy and glowing skin. However, even the skin can suffer from a wide range of health conditions and at times could also be indicative of some major ailment.

That's why it becomes mandatory that if you see anything that is not natural, you get a proper analysis done and ensure that you are taking the necessary medications for the same.

Homoeopathic Clinic And Research Centre is one of the homeopathy clinics in Kota when it comes to the treatment of skin diseases.

  •  Eczema Treatment
  •  Hair Fall Treatment
  •  Pimples & Pigmentation Treatment
  •  Psoriasis Treatment
  •  Vitiligo Tretament
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Skin Disease

Allergy Treatment

Today having an allergy to almost anything and everything is a very common sight. Though our health may have generally improved; however, there seems to be an impact on the immune system that seems to have lower resistance and due to which we will often see people having an allergic reaction of the simplest of things.

An allergy is just the body’s heighten reaction or the even to be more specific the heightened reaction of the immune system to certain substances that we would come in contact with.

Homeopathy can be a permanent cure for your allergies over a long term and can prove very effective especially when the treatment is taken from Utkarsh Homeopathy, which has some of the best homoeopathy doctors in Kota .

  •  Asthma Treatment
  •  Cough Treatment
  •  Influenza Treatment
  •  Sinusitis Treatment
  •  Outdoor Checkup
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Allergy Treatment

Psychological Problems

Today mental health or psychological problems have become as serious a concern as physical health. There are more and more cases of psychological problems that are seen nowadays. Most of our physical diseases have their root cause in mental or psychological problems. Even GPs today admit that at least 25% of the patients that they see on a day-to-day basis are suffering either from major or clinical depression. This can further affect the possibility of an individual leading a normal life.

When it comes to treating of psychological problems, they need to be done with a lot of care, for that you need to ensure that get the treatment done through one of the best psychologists in Kota.

  •  Concentration & Mental Focus
  •  Depression Treatment
  •  Insomnia Treatment
  •  Memory Weakness Treatment
  •  O C D Treatment
  •  Schizophrenia Treatment
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Phychological Problems

Female Disease

There are changes that take place throughout the body of the female during the lifetime. Most of the times these changes are not only physical, but some are also psychological and emotional as well. Also most of the times it is also about being able to re-establish the balance that has been disturbed due to some change or transition or due to some other factors.

Utkarsh Homeopathy is one of the key sex specialists in Kota when it comes to the treatment of male and female diseases.

  •  Breast Cancer & Lump Treatment
  •  Infertility Treatment
  •  White Discharge Treatment
  •  Menstrual Regulator Treatment
  •  PCOD PCOS Treatment
  •  Urinary Tract Infection
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Female Disease

Male Disease

Men or the male species as we know they are not the strongest and the species that can fight back easily. As per the recent studies conducted it has been found that men tend to live about six years lesser than females on an average. Also, the chances of men committing suicide are far more likely than females. There are also other facts that prove that when it comes to men’s health there is a far more critical role that needs to be played in the case of the diagnosis and the best sex treatment in Kota.

  •  Impotence Treatment
  •  Low Sperm Count
  •  Prostate & Bladder Problems
  •  Sexual Tretament
  •  Urine Problem
  •  Weakness After Sex
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Male Disease

Phychological Problems

Utkarsh Homoeopathic Clinic & Research Centre - Internationally renowned Institution for Classical Homeopathy!

Depression Treatment

The depression is caused due to multiple factors. One of the reasons is known to be due to the low production of the hap...

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Schizophrenia Treatment

Schizophrenia is a critical mental illness that the person faces. It is believed that the person having schizophrenia ca...

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Insomnia Treatment

Treatment for insomnia consists of improving sleep habits, behavior therapy and identifying and treating underlying caus...

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Memory Weakness Treatment

Memory weakness or forgetfulness to an extent is fine; since there are multiple thoughts that run through our brain all ...

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Concentration & Mental Focus

Concentration becomes or plays a very important role as far as children are concerned. They are required to concentrate ...

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OCD Treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD is mainly another form of mental ailment, where the obsessive thoughts in the mind ...

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